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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Being involved in a car accident—and dealing with the aftermath of the crash—can be overwhelming. You may be dealing with severe injuries, permanent impairments, expensive medical bills, and weeks or months of lost wages. You may need to get your car repaired, or it may have been totaled in the crash.

At Custodio & Dubey LLP, we understand how difficult it can be to get back on your feet after a serious accident. Our attorneys are here to help you navigate the legal process and seek the full, fair compensation you are owed. We are prepared to deal with the insurance company so that you don’t have to. Right now, you should be focused on your physical recovery; let our team handle the rest.

If you were injured in a car accident in Culver City or the nearby areas, call Custodio & Dubey LLP at (888) 280-8029 for a free consultation. Hablamos español.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents?

Most car accidents are the result of negligence. When people are careless or drive recklessly, they put everyone else on the road at risk. Accident victims have the right to hold negligent motorists accountable and seek fair compensation for their damages.

Specifically, some of the most common causes of car accidents include:

  • Distracted driving, including texting or using a cellphone behind the wheel
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Speeding, including driving too fast for current conditions
  • Failing to check vehicle blind spots before changing lanes, turning, or merging
  • Disobeying red lights, stop signs, and other traffic control devices
  • Making unsafe or illegal turns, including unprotected left turns and U-turns
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Making sudden stops, turns, and other driving maneuvers
  • Failing to maintain/repair a vehicle, leading to broken headlights, brake
    lights, etc.

If you believe that someone else was to blame for the accident that left you injured, turn to our team at Custodio & Dubey LLP for the powerful legal representation you need. We know how to investigate claims, determine liability, and aggressive pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

How The Rule Of Comparative Negligence Could Affect Your Claim

Although some accidents are truly the result of a single person’s negligence, many are caused by multiple at-fault parties. When this is the case, an injured accident victim can still seek compensation for their losses under California’s pure comparative negligence rule.

The pure comparative negligence rule allows an injured individual to file a personal injury claim following an accident or incident for which they share some blame. However, under this rule, the injured party’s recovery will be reduced by their percentage of fault. In other words, if you are found to have been 30 percent to blame for the accident that caused your injuries, you can only recover up to 70 percent of the total amount you are seeking in damages. If you sustained $100,000 in damages, you can only recover $70,000.

Why You Need A Car Accident Attorney

There is no law that states that you must have a lawyer to file a car accident claim in California. However, there are many advantages to working with a legal team.

Study after study has shown that people who hire car accident lawyers receive higher settlements far more often and more consistently than those who try to resolve their claims on their own. Insurance companies know that attorneys are more likely to understand the law and how to apply it to a given case. They are less likely to try to take advantage of someone who is working with a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer, like those at Custodio & Dubey LLP.

Our attorneys can help you with every aspect of your case, including but not limited to:

  • Investigating your claim to determine liability
  • Putting together all available and applicable evidence
  • Talking to witnesses and getting their statements
  • Gathering and submitting all necessary paperwork
  • Communicating with the insurance company
  • Working with insurance adjusters to secure a fair settlement
  • Preparing you and your case for litigation, if necessary
  • Representing your best interests at trial

When you trust your case to our Culver City car accident attorneys, you can count on us to help you navigate every stage of the legal process. From finding a doctor and getting the proper medical care to having your vehicle repaired, our team is here to help. Most of all, we are dedicated to maximizing your recovery and will do everything possible to secure every penny you are owed.

Request A Free Consultation Today

If you were injured or if someone you love tragically died in a car accident in Culver City, Custodio & Dubey LLP can help you fight for the justice you deserve. We handle all types of motor vehicle accident claims, including complex cases involving head-on collisions, rollovers, rear-end accidents, hit-and-runs, large semi-trucks and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and more. No matter how challenging your case may be, we can help.

There are no upfront or out-of-pocket fees when you work with our firm. Instead, we only collect payment on a contingency basis, meaning if we don’t win your case, you don’t pay. Our bilingual team can assist you in English or Spanish; get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Today I feel as if I am as healthy as I was before the accident!

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