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Santa Monica Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries can occur anywhere, even in beautiful Santa Monica. Get assistance filing an injury claim by partnering with a Santa Monica personal injury attorney from Custodio & Dubey LLP.

An injury accident can happen in a wide variety of circumstances. If you didn’t bring your accident about, why should you have to pay for it? The law of California doesn’t think you should, so it provides for accident victims to receive compensation through an injury claim. Your claim is meant to show that another person caused your accident, and you suffered for it.

That person can be required to pay for your accident, suffering, and financial losses. A Santa Monica personal injury lawyer at our firm can assist you with the claim process, including claim paperwork, settlement negotiation, and loss calculation.

Causes of Personal Injuries in Santa Monica, California

You will need to know what caused your Santa Monica accident in order to find out who is liable for your losses. Figuring out the cause can be challenging, depending on the circumstances.

For instance, if you’re harmed in a trucking collision on the Santa Monica Freeway, you might not be able to easily identify what caused the crash. Was it a reckless trucker? Was it a truck parts manufacturer? Was the government to blame for not fixing a dangerous pothole?

A Santa Monica injury attorney at our firm is willing to help you investigate your accident, determine what caused it, and gather evidence to prove it.

Other causes of Santa Monica accidents have been listed below.

  • Negligent drivers
  • Careless neighbors
  • Store hazards
  • Slip and trip hazards
  • Ungated pools
  • Abuse or assault
  • Restaurant worker negligence

Types of Personal Injury Accidents in Santa Monica

You can see many different things can cause accidents in Santa Monica, but most accidents will fall under a few categories. For instance, vehicle crashes will be handled under auto crash laws. Slip-and-falls often fall under premises liability laws. If you’re injured by a dangerous product, your case will likely be a products liability case.

Your Santa Monica injury lawyer can help you figure out what type of case you have. They will then assist you with understanding the laws that impact your claim. Your lawyer wants to help you secure justice and financial compensation for a Santa Monica accident caused by another’s negligence.

Talk with a Personal Injury Attorney in Santa Monica, CA

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Santa Monica and need help filing an injury claim, you’ve come to the right place. Our firm is ready to help you pursue compensation for an accident caused by another’s negligence. You shouldn’t delay in reaching out to our firm, because you have a two-year statute of limitations in California for personal injury.

Contact a Santa Monica personal injury lawyer through the internet form below and receive a free case evaluation. You can also call Custodio & Dubey LLP directly at (888) 280-8029.


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Today I feel as if I am as healthy as I was before the accident!

– John Walker

That’s when I turned to the team of Custodio & Dubey, they really made sure that I was greeted with open arms.

– Bicycle Accident Client

Miguel and Vineet acted quickly to ensure that they reached the best possible outcome for me. They were always available to talk, even on the weekends! The settlement they crafted truly reflected a high level of skill on their part. I would definitely refer other clients to them!

– R.G.


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