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Do not let anyone get away with harming your child. If you suspect your child’s injuries were the result of someone’s negligence, contact a Los Angeles child injury attorney to learn how you could obtain compensation for your child’s damages.

As a parent, you always want what’s best for your child. You work hard to make sure they’re safe while experiencing the world around them. The bond you share with your child is one that’s unbreakable and indescribable for most people.

But when the reckless behavior of someone causes harm to your child, this can lead to severe consequences. Whether physical or emotional, any damage done to your child can threaten their innocence. Childhood trauma even has the potential to impact your child well into adulthood.

When your child experiences harm at the hands of someone else, this is unacceptable. However, you and your child are not alone following their traumatic experiences. You can always reach out to a Los Angeles child injury lawyer who can help you work to obtain justice and compensation on behalf of your child.

Common Child Injuries in Los Angeles

Children are naturally playful. Running, jumping, and climbing are common ways that most children interact with their environments. If you’re like most parents, then you probably have a hard time getting your child to stay still for five minutes. Of course, most parents expect this behavior, and some even embrace it.

However, when you leave your child in the care of another adult, you expect that they will actually care for your child. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, and many children can suffer from a variety of injuries as a result. The following are a few examples of potential injuries your child can experience:

Many more injuries can occur under the care of an irresponsible or abusive adult. From teachers who ignore children on the playground to predators who prey on the innocence of kids, there are various ways an adult can be responsible for harming your child.

Recovering Damages for Your Child in Los Angeles, California

If your child suffers a crippling injury, their medical bills can be expensive. When your family is on a tight budget, sudden medical bills can severely impact your family’s way of life. Even with insurance, you may end up paying outrageous fees to cover the costs of your child’s medical expenses.

A child’s physical and emotional suffering is something you must not ignore. Children are fragile creatures, and enduring severe physical pain can be traumatizing. The traumatizing experience of their accident can have adverse effects on their mental and emotional health, as well.

As stated earlier, the pain and suffering they experience can haunt them throughout their lives. Regardless, you and your child always have the option of contacting a Los Angeles child injury lawyer who can help you file your injury claim.

Consult a Los Angeles Child Injury Attorney

Custodio & Dubey LLP is here to help you fight for your child’s compensation. Our attorneys have experience with cases similar to yours, and our combined experience can help you seek justice and compensation for your child’s damages.

You can call us at (888) 280-8029 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page to speak with a Los Angeles child injury lawyer.


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Today I feel as if I am as healthy as I was before the accident!

– John Walker

That’s when I turned to the team of Custodio & Dubey, they really made sure that I was greeted with open arms.

– Bicycle Accident Client

Miguel and Vineet acted quickly to ensure that they reached the best possible outcome for me. They were always available to talk, even on the weekends! The settlement they crafted truly reflected a high level of skill on their part. I would definitely refer other clients to them!

– R.G.


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