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Lancaster Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re dealing with a personal injury, you can sometimes feel like no one is on your side. A Lancaster personal injury attorney at Custodio & Dubey LLP can be there to support you and help you get through the aftermath of a personal injury accident.

Lancaster is a large city within the Los Angeles area with a great number of residents. Accidents are bound to occur. However, you don’t have to throw up your hands and say, “Accidents will happen.” You can hold the person who caused your accident legally responsible for their actions. You can file a personal injury claim against them.

Why file an injury claim? Isn’t that a lot of work? Personal injury claims can be a challenging process to navigate, but you don’t have to go through the process by yourself. A Lancaster personal injury lawyer at our office can help you with your claim and work to help you to receive financial compensation for the accident and injuries you’ve suffered.

Personal Injury Accidents You Could Experience in Lancaster

There are many different ways you could be injured because of someone else’s thoughtless behavior. You could be hurt in a car crash caused by a reckless driver; you could suffer a head injury after slipping on a spill at your local nail salon; you could sustain broken bones in an accident at your neighbor’s birthday party.

No matter what type of accident you were harmed in, the person who caused the accident could be held accountable. When negligence is involved in an accident, you can bring an injury claim in order to recover your monetary losses as well as receive payment for the suffering you went through.

Your Lancaster injury attorney can help with your case regardless of the type of accident you were hurt in. Some common types of personal injury cases:

Securing Financial Compensation for Your Lancaster Personal Injury Accident

Injuries result in many losses for the accident victim. You have likely dealt with physical pain from your injuries and emotional suffering. You’ve also probably missed out on work wages, and you’ve had to pay for medical treatment. You deserve reimbursement for these losses and justice for your experience.

Your Lancaster injury lawyer could help you to secure the settlement you need from the negligent person’s insurance company. Your lawyer can submit your claim with the insurer, and then your attorney will fight to see that the insurer pays you fairly.

Get Ahold of a Personal Injury Attorney in Lancaster, California

A personal injury accident is scary and upsetting, and the aftermath can be frustrating. You know that you deserve to receive monetary compensation for an accident you didn’t cause, but others usually won’t see it that way. The insurer, or the person who caused the accident, may try to deny your injuries and your right to compensation.

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Today I feel as if I am as healthy as I was before the accident!

– John Walker

That’s when I turned to the team of Custodio & Dubey, they really made sure that I was greeted with open arms.

– Bicycle Accident Client

Miguel and Vineet acted quickly to ensure that they reached the best possible outcome for me. They were always available to talk, even on the weekends! The settlement they crafted truly reflected a high level of skill on their part. I would definitely refer other clients to them!

– R.G.


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