BlogCustodio and Dubey Named 500 Leading Consumer Plaintiff Lawyers for 2024

March 15, 20240

We are delighted to share the exceptional news that Miguel Custodio and Vineet Dubey have once again been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the legal field, securing their positions in Lawdragon’s prestigious 2024 guide of the 500 Leading Consumer Plaintiff Lawyers. This remarkable achievement marks their second consecutive accolade, underscoring their unwavering commitment and expertise in championing consumers’ rights.

A Duo of Distinction

The journey of these accomplished lawyers began at UCLA Law, where they were classmates before co-founding the Los Angeles-based personal injury firm, Custodio & Dubey LLP, in 2012. Their firm is a beacon of hope and justice, dedicated to assisting those who might feel marginalized, intimidated, or neglected by the complexities of the legal system. This commitment is particularly resonant in the realm of consumer plaintiff law, where they stand as steadfast advocates for individuals challenging larger entities.

Miguel Custodio: A Pillar of Personal Injury Law

Miguel’s specialization in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases has been a lifeline for hundreds of families affected by tragic accidents. His expertise spans high-stakes litigation involving severe car crashes, where he navigates complex legal battles against formidable defense firms and intricate insurance policies. Beyond his legal victories, Miguel is a respected voice in the media, offering his seasoned analysis on high-profile legal matters, including the widely publicized Rust trials. His insights have enriched national discourse, with features in prominent outlets like USA Today, Fox News, and The Guardian.

Vineet Dubey: Championing Environmental Justice

Vineet Dubey’s impactful career as an environmental attorney has seen him challenging corporations over the sale of products laden with harmful substances. His relentless pursuit of justice has led to significant legal battles against the use of toxic heavy metals and chemicals in consumer products. His dedication was recognized in the Lawdragon’s Green 500: 2024 Leaders in Environmental Law. A vocal advocate for public health, Vineet has illuminated the risks of PFAS and lead contamination, correcting misconceptions and providing crucial public education on these urgent environmental issues.

A Legacy of Influence and Integrity

Both Miguel and Vineet’s contributions extend beyond the courtroom. They have earned repeated honors in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Leaders of Influence: Minority Attorneys list, showcasing their significant impact as role models in the legal community and their relentless pursuit of justice and equality.

Their inclusion in the 500 Leading Consumer Plaintiff Lawyers guide is not just a personal triumph but a reaffirmation of their role as pivotal figures in the legal landscape. Custodio and Dubey embody the highest standards of the profession, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their clients and the broader cause of consumer rights. Their work epitomizes the essence of consumer plaintiff lawyers, who are essential in safeguarding the public from negligent, unethical, and unlawful business practices.

As we celebrate their continued success, we also recognize the broader implications of their work in shaping a fairer, more accountable legal system that prioritizes the well-being and rights of consumers. Congratulations to Miguel Custodio and Vineet Dubey for their well-deserved recognition and for setting a stellar example for future generations of consumer plaintiff lawyers.

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