September 19, 20220

The organization trains dogs to assist visually impaired individuals

LOS ANGELES — Our law firm is proud to announce this week that we’re entering into an ongoing partnership with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the visually impaired with a four-legged friend to guide them.It takes up to three years and costs approximately $50,000 to breed, raise, and train a dog for a person who is blind. For people already suffering a blow to their quality of life due to their impairment, this financial burden is simply too great to bear.Guiding Eyes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with all services provided completely free of charge. The organization can now count on Custodio & Dubey’s ongoing support: we’re thrilled to partner with a great group for a great cause.”At Guiding Eyes, we rely on the goodness of our generous donors, passionate staff, and dedicated volunteers to meet the needs of our diverse community of people with vision loss,” said Rebekah Cross, Special Gifts Officer for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. “We are thankful to Custodio and Dubey LLP for partnering with Guiding Eyes and providing us integral support to continue in our mission.”“We firmly believe in helping make our community stronger by supporting organizations who are making a difference,” said Co-Founding Partner Miguel Custodio. “Guiding Eyes struck a chord with me because they are truly helping people become independent, and I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for dogs, who have been humanity’s friends for millennia.”“This is a great organization that is providing a crucial service to the visually impaired community,” said Co-Founding Partner Vineet Dubey. “We strongly support their mission and are proud to be partnering with them.”Some Fast Facts About Guiding Eyes for the Blind

  • Founded in 1954 by Donald Kauth
  • More than 500 pups born annually on average
  • 92% are Labrador retrievers, 8% are German Shepherds
  • More than 8,000 graduated guide dog teams
  • More than 1,000 active guide dog teams
  • More than 150 guide dogs placed annually on average
  • More than 1,400 volunteers

How It WorksVolunteer puppy raisers take pups into their homes at approximately eight weeks old and teach them basic obedience and house manners while socializing them to everything the world has to offer. Puppy raisers return the dogs at 16-18 months old, and our senior breeding and training staff determine whether the pups are ready for guide dog training or more suited for another career.Guiding Eyes pays for all of the puppy’s veterinary expenses and provides a crate and collar. Puppy-raising regions span 14 states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Colorado.