Car AccidentsHit and Run Driver Identification: Strategies and Tools for Finding the Culprit

April 24, 20230

Hit and run collisions are happening at an alarming rate. Whether they cause a fatality or not, being left alone after being hit by a vehicle is an offense on the part of the driver. It is your civic and legal duty to stop at the scene of the incident and account for what has happened. Yet, this doesn’t always happen and there are lots of reasons why, from inebriated drivers not thinking clearly to plain old fear and shock. When this happens, how is the driver identified and what are the chances of resolution? This post dives into some typical strategies authorities and attorneys may use to find the truth.

Witness Statements

Witness statements are the records provided by the people who saw the accident.They are useful in a hit and run because they may be able to provide crucial details about the incident. For instance, the registration number of the vehicle or even the color and make. Other information like whether they seemed to be speeding, which direction they headed in, and any physical characteristics of the driver are all useful too. When it comes to witness statements, the first step is to collect them. When they’re in, everything can be assessed for continuity and validity.

CCTV Footage

Whether it was a special occasion like Halloween or just a regular Tuesday morning, there is likely to be some relevant CCTV footage to call upon during the investigatory process. Even if the incident took place in a rural location, there may be recordings of a vehicle heading to or from the scene.The closest place to where the victim was found, or wherever they think the accident took place, should be the first port of call for determining a valid search radius. It will also provide information about any cars matching the descriptions in the witness statements entering a repair shop.

Analysis of the Police Report

The police report is the official document created around the time of the incident. If doctors or victims suspect a hit and run then there will be a report in the timeline, and this is a key piece of evidence. The police report will include any statements from the victim and detail whether or not they think any other major road violations were occurring too.

Dealing With The Consequences of Hit and Runs

Of all the reasons why hit and runs happen, whether it is a drunken hit in the dark, or a poorly timed jaywalk, the consequences still need addressing. Hiring an attorney to complement the investigation and support your needs in this difficult time is a great option. They can help you make the right moves when it comes to compensation avenues and find answers about the culprit too.

Identifying hit and run drivers might take a long time, and in some cases, they are never found at all. However, there are key strategies to try and sometimes the driver is found and held responsible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with an attorney for extra support and representation on the case.

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