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October 11, 20230
Hockey Gear Safety - CD Law
Hockey Gear Safety – CD Law

As the official law firm sponsors of the LA KingsCustodio & Dubey eagerly looks forward to the start of the 2023-2024 NHL season. This got us thinking about how hockey gear has evolved over the years to protect the safety of hockey players and other athletes involved in sports requiring intense physicality.

The rapid pace of hockey exposes players to potential injuries, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement in equipment design. In the sport’s early stages, minimal protective gear was used until a pivotal incident occurred during a 1933 game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. The critical event involved player Ace Bailey, whose life was endangered when he struck his head on the ice after being checked from behind by Eddie Shore. That fall ended Bailey’s NHL career.

Helmets were optional until the NHL mandated helmets for all players in 1979. Advanced materials such as specialized foams and plastics have substantially enhanced impact resistance, reducing the risks associated with collisions and puck impacts.

Modern hockey gear not only offers superior protection but also allows for personalized customization, ensuring maximum comfort and mobility. Advancements in facemasks and other goaltending gear have resulted in lighter yet durable equipment, facilitating agility while maintaining essential safety features.

Pads are covering more parts of players’ bodies, and are lighter and more flexible to not restrict the athlete’s performance. Similarly, innovations in hockey skates, including heat-molding techniques and adjustable features, enable precise customization, enhancing comfort, control, and minimizing the risk of foot-related injuries.

Furthermore, improvements in hockey gloves have led to superior grip, flexibility, and hand protection for players. These advancements collectively enhance player performance while prioritizing their safety on the ice.

As we gear up for the forthcoming NHL season, we must appreciate the evolution of safety in hockey. Custodio & Dubey are proud to support the LA Kings, and we salute the relentless efforts of innovators who make the game safer with every passing season. Just as the law seeks to protect and ensure justice, hockey equipment manufacturers aim to shield our athletes from harm. Here’s to an exciting and safe 2023-2024 NHL season!

Go Kings Go!


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