March 7, 20220

Russian despot Vladimir Putin’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine, an emerging democracy, has already created the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the 1940s. Women and children are flowing over the borders with Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, with more than 1 million refugees seeking to escape the invasion of their homeland. Among those affected by this devastating news is Robert Abiri, our colleague here at Custodio & Dubey. Abiri’s wife, Dana, grew up in a suburb of Kiev and her family is now caught in the crosshairs of Putin’s military. “It’s been really rough,” Abiri said. “Her mom and family are in and out of bunkers and their town has already been bombed a couple of times. It’s tough, and while we’ve been able to keep in regular communication with them, we’re still living hour by hour, watching news updates and praying for everyone’s safety.” Rob asks that if you know anyone who is Ukrainian you can help by being their friend and showing your support in this time of need. If you’d like to help, here are a few agencies seeking support. The National Bank of Ukraine The National Bank of Ukraine has set up two funds to raise money for food, shelter and humanitarian efforts for Ukraine’s civilian population and another to support Ukraine’s armed forces. CARECARE, an international organization that fights global poverty with emergency response, is trying to raise at least $20 million for Ukrainians in need. The goal is to assist 4 million people with food, water, hygiene, mental health support and cash. International Rescue Committee The International Rescue Committee in Poland will provide food, medical care and emergency supplies to Ukrainian refugee families. Kidsave Kidsave is providing financial support to its Ukrainian partners as they work to move orphans, children and families to safety and provide for their basic needs. Revived Soldiers Ukraine Revived Soldiers Ukraine brings wounded Ukrainian soldiers to U.S. hospitals for care. Monetary donations are needed to buy medication and keep vehicles running to drive injured soldiers away from the front lines. International Medical Corps International Medical Corps will deploy medical teams to provide Ukrainians with emergency and primary health services, mental health and psychosocial support. Direct Relief Direct Relief sends medical supplies to Ukrainian healthcare providers. Nova Ukraine Nova Ukraine’s Heart2Heart program gathers and delivers aid packages to Ukraine. Especially needed are childrens’ shoes and clothing. Also: Baby food, diapers, medicine; wheelchairs and personal hygiene products for wounded soldiers. The Ukrainian Red Cross The Ukrainian Red Cross is currently assisting people inside the country by aiding evacuations and providing shelter, food and basic necessities. The International Rescue Committee The International Rescue Committee is a longstanding organization that provides resources to those fleeing countries in crisis, including providing cash assistance, medical treatment and more. The organization is currently on the ground in both Poland and Ukraine to provide support to those who have had to flee their homes. Keep Ukraine’s Media Going “Keep Ukraine’s media going” is a GoFundMe campaign for journalists around Ukraine that also aims to help reporters relocate and continue their work from neighboring countries. Sunflower Of Peace Sunflower of Peace‘s mission involves providing medical and humanitarian aid for people impacted by violence in Ukraine.