Bus Accident5 Most Common Catastrophic Injuries Seen After a Bus Accident

July 29, 20230

Bus accidents are some of the most devastating in the country. These large vehicles have a big presence on the road, and when things go wrong, there is a wide scope for it to go really, catastrophically wrong. Pedestrians and other road users are at risk, and the guide below explores the most common catastrophic injuries that happen frequently as a result of this kind of incident.

Spinal Injuries

When a spinal injury occurs, there is a range of complications that come next. Each case will be a different set of circumstances, but the main risks include paralysis, extreme pain, depleted bladder control, and mental health conditions too.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBIs are equally as debilitating as spinal cord injuries and also have a number of attached consequences. Depending on the severity, it could impact a person’s ability to speak, process information, walk, and regain consciousness. Traumatic brain injuries often call for an induced coma, and life afterward is never quite the same as they begin to heal.


There is a high possibility that an amputation will be needed because of the mass of a bus vs the size of a person. They can become trapped by the vehicle or thrown into another dangerous environment if enough force is used. Amputation is necessary in these circumstances in order to save the victim’s life, but everything will change from that moment on.


It is also possible to suffer from grave burns if you are involved in a bus accident either as a pedestrian or a passenger. This may be when the bus catches fire, or if you are thrown across the road. Burns cause a manner of complex health problems, and the victim is at risk of infection alongside facing lengthy, ongoing surgery to properly heal.

Severe Bleeding

The last catastrophic injury on this list is severe bleeds. Dramatic blood loss is a primary reason behind loss of life, and the necessary treatment pathways, for instance, a transfusion, are risky and costly.

Seeking Compensation: Making a Personal Injury Claim

What are the next steps if you are the victim of a bus accident and have suffered any of the above injuries?

Make an Appointment with Custodio & Dubey

Our team will help you determine the best course of action. Contact one of our attorneys with the number listed further down, and talk to us about recent events. Remember, you only have a certain amount of time to file a claim so act as quickly as you can.

Bring the Evidence

We will want to look over your medical evidence and anything else you have that will help us prove your version of events.

Calculate the Damages

When recovering from a traumatic incident like a bus collision, it may feel like no figure would be enough to counteract the damage. However, there are ways to decide how much compensation you are owed, and we will conduct the case professionally to figure it out.

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