Car Accidents6 Tips for Recovering from a Traumatic Car Accident

June 28, 20230

After a traumatic car accident, the way you see the world is likely to change. You have been through a significant life event, and one that potentially caused grave injury or even the death of a family member or beloved friend. These significant blocks of trauma cannot be pushed aside and locked in a box. Instead, it is important to engage and find a way through and this looks like actively approaching your healing journey and coming to terms with what happened.

Is it PTSD?

The first question you must ask is whether you are suffering from PTSD over the accident. If the answer is yes, then professional input is always recommended. It is a serious condition that often leaves its victims exhausted and highly anxious and is most commonly associated with veterans. PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, happens when we go through something scarring that sits in our psyche and infiltrates how we cope in daily life. The key difference to note is that with typical anxiety and trauma-related consequences, recovery time is a lot faster. If PTSD sets in, it can take years.

Recognize the key signs here:

  • Distinct avoidance of anything car related because the mind and body cannot cope.
  • Invasive nightmares that often cause sudden wake ups and highly disturbed sleep.
  • Vivid flashbacks to the event in the form of intrusive thoughts.
  • Increased hypervigilance.
  • Disassociation and breakdown of relationships.
  • Memory problems.

When you recognize what is happening, it is easier to secure the best route for support. It is more typical to struggle with PTSD after a hit and run, for instance. So, do not ignore the signs because you won’t be able to move on.

Listen to Your Doctors

It is common for a car accident to cause injury. The severity of these injuries depends on what happened, and contending with life post-injury looks different for everyone. Depending on how severe or even catastrophic the injury may be, the only way forward is to accept it and find a way to come to terms with what took place. Healing after a traumatic car accident means facing reality and a big part of that will require you to deal with these injuries and facilitate their existence by giving yourself the best chance possible for recovery. Your doctors will have advice and input, and you should listen.

Fine-Tune a Self-Care Agenda

Practicing self-care is a brilliant method for protecting your well-being, both mentally and physically. It is all the more important to do so in post-accident life because you are more vulnerable than ever and, therefore, need a little extra TLC. This will mean learning how to be patient with your healing journey and accepting that it will take as much time as it needs to take in order for you to move on. There may always be a part of you that is triggered by driving, but there are tools to make that better if you look after yourself in the meantime. Self-care can be anything from making sure you see your friends to ensuring personal hygiene needs are ticked off the list.

Talk About It

Whether you opt for a support group or a one-on-one therapy session, talking about what happened with either people who can empathize and understand or someone who has professional training and experience that will help is unavoidable. Both support groups and counselling sessions are useful in separate ways, and some car accident victims decide to pursue both routes to optimize the recovery process. If you are grieving a loved one, adapting to a new life post-injury, suffering from PTD or any anxiety-related conditions, feel depressed, struggling to sleep, or withdrawing from life, these are all strong indicators that a support group or therapist is just what you need.

Take Charge of Anxiety

Regardless of whether it is PTSD or regular anxiety, as soon as you learn how to take charge of it, you will feel infinitely more empowered to keep moving. Everyone has their own techniques, but the thing to avoid is a complete disassociation because that is dangerous in its own right. Practice breathing techniques, listen to podcasts, lean on friends, and do what needs to be done to understand the condition.

Legal Advice: When is it Appropriate?

It is always appropriate to get in touch with an attorney post-accident. Custodio & Dubey understand the vast implications of such an event and are here to help you find a path through it.

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