Uber AccidentsHow Uber is Working to Improve Passenger Safety

July 11, 20230

Uber first burst into the market back in 2009. Since then, it has come a long way. What started as a small ride-share business has now become the leading global ride-share app, taking over 70% of the ride-share market in the US.

However, despite its popularity, Uber has had several issues over the years. One issue that Uber has struggled to overcome is the issue of passenger safety. Statistics show thousands of people are injured or killed yearly while traveling in an Uber. And it’s not just in road traffic accidents. Each year hundreds of sexual assault allegations are filed against Uber drivers.

To try and reduce these numbers, Uber and other ride-share companies are looking at ways to improve passenger safety. Keep reading below to find out how Uber is doing this:

1.      Creating a Direct Link to Local Authorities

The senior director of product management at Uber recently stated that they are committed to improving passenger safety. One way they are doing this is by adding a brand-new feature to the app. This feature will allow Uber passengers to send a text message directly to local authorities with one button tap. The message will automatically populate trip details such as the car make, model and license plate number, and location information.

2.      Speed Alerts for Drivers

To reduce the number of Uber accidents, Uber vehicles are being fitted with speed alerts. Speed alerts sound when drivers go above the speed limit. It is hoped that these alerts will force drivers to slow down and take their time on the roads.

3.      A New Reporting Tool

Another feature Uber passengers can look forward to is the reporting tool. This tool was released a few weeks ago and is already proving popular. The reporting tool allows passengers to submit non-emergency safety issues. This includes things like if a driver makes them feel uncomfortable. Passengers can report this while still in the Uber rather than waiting until they have arrived at their destination.

4.      Verify Your Ride

At the end of the year, Uber plans to ask all passengers to verify their ride before getting in an Uber. Passengers will be given a four-digit PIN to provide to the driver verbally. The driver will have to enter this PIN on his app, and if it is accepted, the passenger will receive confirmation on their app, and the trip can begin. Hopefully, this will help reduce the number of bogus Uber drivers operating in the country.

5.      Driver ID Checks

The owners of Uber are now asking all of their drivers to submit a selfie periodically. They can then use Microsoft technology to compare this photo with their profile photo to confirm the identity of their drivers.

Over 93 million people choose to hail an Uber each year. And while most of these journeys go without a hitch, some do not. To try and reduce the number of Uber accidents and sexual assaults in Ubers, the company’s owners are implementing new measures to try and improve passenger safety. This includes the measures listed above. However, unfortunately, these measures are too late for some.

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