May 26, 20220

As dangerous as it can be, many Americans wear their seatbelts improperly, or sometimes even not at all. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, buckling up is the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a car accident.

Seatbelt Safety

Even though it may seem like common sense, knowing the guidelines for safely buckling up is always beneficial.

  1. The lap belt and shoulder belt are secured across the pelvis and rib cage.
  2. The shoulder belt should be across the middle of the chest and away from the neck.
  3. The lap belt should rest across the hips, not the stomach.
  4. NEVER place the shoulder belt under your arms or behind your back.

Why Is a Seatbelt Important?

There are many reasons why seatbelts are beneficial to a passenger of a car, some of which include:

Restraining the Strongest Parts of the Body

The hips and shoulders are the body’s strongest parts in both adults and children. Wearing a seatbelt can help protect these body parts by keeping them secure in the seat.

Keeps Passengers in the Car

When a passenger is not wearing a seatbelt, the crash’s impact can throw their bodies outside of the car. Studies show that passengers thrown out of the vehicle during a car crash are four times as likely to sustain fatal injuries than someone who remained in the car.

Helps Spread the Impact of The Collision

By using the shoulder and lap strap, the force of the accident is able to impact a wider range of the body. This is beneficial because it can help avoid serious injuries.

It’s The Law

Wearing a seatbelt when inside a motor vehicle is required by the law. Being caught by law enforcement is likely to result in hefty fines.

Contact a Lawyer

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